Chairs: Megan Winsby

AB Films provides weekly showings of movies in McConomy Auditorium located in the University Center most Thursday through Sunday nights. They currently in the process of switching to a Digital Cinema experience. The movies are open to the public for a price of $3, but a CMU ID gets a discounted price of $1.

The entire Films committee works to select the semester movie schedule, man the ticketing table during the shows, continue to develop and improve our program, and advertise the films. We also collaborate with other campus organizations to bring unique film experiences to CMU.

AB Films is currently structured with a standing Committee, a team of trained student Projectionists, and 1-2 Chairs. The Chair(s) are responsible for ordering the films, arranging payment to vendors, ensuring equipment is in working order, presiding over meetings, and managing the operation of the committee.

If you are interested in joining the Films Committee - please contact the Chair for details, or subscribe to our mailing list here.


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Subcommittees: Thursday Films, Friday Films, Saturday Films, & Sunday Films

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